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Rubrik A

Salubrious Nordic Service AB was founded in 2011





Salubrious Nordic Service AB

Box 5021

448 51 Tollered


Comp.nr: 556861-3250

VAT: SE556861325001

Tel: +46 31 710 44 70

Fax: +46 31 710 44 75

E-post: order@snsab.eu


We work for the same goal: to provide patients a safe and reliable health care. The technology is becoming increasingly important in the interaction with patients. To ensure the technology's functionality and reliability Salubrious Nordic AB is at your service. Please contact us today!

We offer:


Rubrik B   Rubrik C   Rubrik D

When you need to repair your equipment, you can safely hand over responsibility to us at Salubrious Nordic Service. We have skilled personnel and our own stock of spare parts to ensure that you get back your equipment quickly, reliably and with warranty.


You choose the level of service that suits you. We perform regular preventive maintenance service and technical safety inspection of your equipment. Do you want to have service performed at your site, don´t hesitate to contact us! Contact us for suggestions on how we can give you a service package with a good economy.


A constantdialogue with our customers is important to us. We can provide training in management and technical maintenance of our products. Target groups include device manager and medical technicians.